Sunday, June 1, 2008

Great Dives in Fakarava

Hello to all,

The Tuamotus are known for great diving and black pearls. We're haven't got into the pearl trading yet but we have had three very good dives, one of which is up there in my top ten. Being coral atolls you'd think there would be good coral and you'd be right. This is the best I've seen since the Red Sea a long time ago. The coral gardens seem to have no limit and they're as rich and unspoiled as one could ever imagine. The really great dives are drift dives through the passes into the atoll. You go down to 115 feet and hang on as the current builds. There is a cloud of big pelagics and sharks all in formation, head into the current. At the signal from the dive master you let go and just fly with the current up over the entrance to the lagoon into about 50 feet of relatively calm water for more coral gardens. This is truly a thrilling dive and we're going back to do it again tomorrow morning. These French dive masters are very professional and personable and they let us do some stuff that probably wouldn't be done some places...good for them!

We'll be in the Tuamotus a few more weeks with pleasure..the only problem being that we don't have many francs left and there are no banks,or ATM's and most places don't take credit cards...American dollars..forget it! We may have to go into the cruiser black market for dollars...ah to have some chocolate, Ghirardelli? For you, today, a special deal!!

Love to all,
Bill, Janet and Ken

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