Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A little Fakarava

Hello to all,

We left Fakarava today after having a goodbye pizza last night. A Tuamotan pizza place consists of a home with an ice cream sign along the road and an open window. Walk up to the window and make yourself known. A pizza person appears and and a menu is produced. We ordered the 'Royal', three cheese with salami and black olives, I think. In the appropriate time a pizza appears and there are a couple plastic chairs to sit in outside, in the dark, no table, but the box across the knees works just fine. It's cool(80F) with the evening trade breeze blowing. The lagoon is fifty feet away. Very comfy. Very delicious! Civilization!

We had a minor round about with a coral head getting the anchor up this morning but the trip out the pass and across the fifteen miles to Toau went very well. But still no fish! The southern pass into Toau is notorious but today it was just a typical tidal outflow, nothing as hazardous as some guides describe. We've had a very quiet day with the anchorage totally to ourselves. Snorkeling. No boats, no village, no homes, no one. Palm trees and an endless strand of white sand. Right now it's Jimmy Buffet and rum and coke time. A lovely sunset is about to occur.

Love to all,
Bill & Janet

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