Monday, September 27, 2010

Goodbye to Bali

We're about fifty miles north of Bali about to enter the Selat Raas, a straight between two islands enroute to Kumai. We departed Lovina Beach, Northern Bali at seven this morning and we've been motoring or motor sailing all day. Conditions have been just a little rolly with almost no wind but now we've got a few knots from aft the starboard beam and we have almost three quarters of a knot of positive current so it's all very comfortable. Along the lines of "too much information" it's ninety seven degrees here in the salon and I haven't worn a stitch since noon. This is to be expected at seven degrees below the equator and headed north. It's nice to be at sea again.

But it's rather sad to leave Bali. It has been one of our favorite places. Certainly much of Bali is over developed and touristy. Much of it is urban and far less than beautiful. But it's all interesting. Without exception everyone has been very nice. It's very inexpensive at all but the most luxurious resorts. The food is great. And where it's unspoiled and not in the tourist mode it's one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Its volcanic peaks to ten thousand feet and terraced rice fields amid tropical forest and quiet villages with Hindu/ tropical/Indonesian architecture and rural temples everywhere. It is a unique place and it's a place we may come back to again by other means.

We did have a very pleasant and social time at Lovina. The fleet had come together and there were about seventy boats in the anchorage at the peak of the celebration. We had good friends Tin Soldier, Baraka, Linda, La Palapa, Tamore and many others to enjoy. The rally events were very nice and we did some land travel, saw more temples, and got massages almost every day.

But now we're on the move. We should be in Kumai the thirtieth and on the second of October we have a river boat reserved to take twelve of us up to the Camp Leaky Reserve to watch Orangoutangs and do some easy jungle treks for three days. It should be great fun and a chance for a study in comparative snoring as we'll all be sleeping on deck under mosquito netting.

Love to all,
Janet & Bill
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