Friday, August 27, 2010

Return to Earth

We're moored off Gili Trawangen Island just a couple miles west of Gili Air. It's very exposed and it's been windy the last couple days but the moorings seem to be high quality and we haven't gotten moved anywhere unplanned. We left Gili Air after another boat got blown down with their mooring onto us. We managed to disengage without damage but it was one more hint it was time to move.

Janet is out doing a morning dive, something my broken ear drum will not yet allow. I had a nurse look at it yesterday and he said it's healing but, "no diving" for some vague time to come. We'll see.

I've reconsidered my initial impression of Gili Trawangen as 'ticky-tacky". That element exists but there are also many nice places along the beach with lovely views of the surrounding islands, a very friendly and laid back atmosphere, fast wireless internet, and a wide variety of good food. The tourist bustle isn't too bad and the horse carts are still the only method of transportation other than foot or boat. All in all it's a really amazing contrast from life a very few miles away on the coast of Sumbawa or the mountains of Lomboc. We've been socializing with Roger and Karli of LaPalapa the past few days, Stu and Sandy on Heart Song III left for Bali, and now Scot Free has arrived with Ian and Sana. I can see another little event for tonight but then I believe, come tomorrow morning, we'll depart for the sixty mile sail down to Serangan anchorage on Bali. So this is a good transition back into the more developed world we'll find in Bali.

We have expectations for Bali. We're really not into the twenty something bar scene but I know there's far, far more than that to Bali. We may get a car and do some serious land travel. We may stick around until the rally catches up to us. Just depends on what we think of Bali.

It should be a little easier to keep up with this blog for awhile so the next update should be from Bali.

Love to all,
Bill & Janet
SV Airstream

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