Friday, August 10, 2012

Bashing South to Belitung

We left Nongsa Point at 0700 and had a motor directly down the channel between Batam and Bintin about fifty miles to a very nice anchorage in the channel between the islands of Kepik and Mantang. Nice Muslim village on Mantang and we went ashore and explored. Everyone was very friendly and Janet, as usual, was a star with the kids and the girls.
5'10" blond ladies are pretty exotic here.
At anchor in the Kepik Channel
The village Mosque   

Main Street
Wooden boat building is NOT a lost art in Indonesia

Ceramic tile siding, steel roof
It's a nice cool evening (by our standards) now and there's enough breeze to be very comfortable.
Departing for a nights fishing
Tomorrow we plan on another motor job to Kentar Island which is supposed to be a lovely anchorage and then it'll be a two day trip on to Belitung. Hopefully we'll be able to sail most of that in relatively open waters.

Please stay tuned.

Bill, Janet and Scott

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